“Is there a problem because you heard a Muslim name?” I asked. “We have to be careful,” she said. “You know how these people…”
"How can you choose such an old-fashioned name for your child,” my niece said. “She will grow up and hate you for naming her Naseem.”
Get-togethers of unschooling families feel like a sacred space for creative incubation
Papa lost his deposit as an election candidate. But he has remained a favourite of the people. This was the victory of his life.
Just like that Afzal and I discovered that we were safe with our families.
Did you recently have an argument with someone who you didn’t intend to alienate? Was it just words that became hurtful shards?
It could be that my train was delayed by a few hours or that I got only two gulab jamuns when everyone else got three. “Hai bechari,” a kind-hearted…
The crumbling of democracies and loss of individual freedoms is wrecking our sense of belonging. Our relationships and personal sense of well-being…
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