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I’m an author, film-maker and teacher. This is a safe space for the unspoken and for that which feels difficult to articulate. An exploration into how to be whole when everything about our culture and socio-political environment divides our personhood into fragments of our self. We shall create connections. Practice empathy and being authentic. Embrace guilt, shame and anxiety and make them awkward. Acknowledge loss and rely on humour and grace to heal us.

In the stories I tell, I look for courage, resilience and hope in our lived experiences. I make lists of dreams I forgot to chase, secret envies, self-care triumphs and small answers to big questions about life, love and letting go.

My books, My Daughters’ Mum and Immortal For A Moment are self-help masquerading as memoir. Or vice versa. I write to be heard, and even more to listen. Writing is my version of conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am at natasha.badhwar@gmail.com
Love and light,

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Vulnerability and Strength, Love and Boundaries


Natasha Badhwar

#Neurodiversity is my superpower. #Writing is my self-care. #Kindness heals. ❤ My Books: My Daughters' Mum | Immortal For A Moment | Reconciliation: Karwanemohabbat's Journey Through A Wounded India | When The Mask Came Off